Education Structure in Hungary

In Hungary, education is compulsory from the age of 6 to 12 years. Kindergarten is mandatory for children from the age of 5 and the pre-primary schools prepare students for school at the last year. The basic education in Hungary is offered by the primary schools. Children attend the primary schools up to the age of 14 and then they choose secondary schools to pursue further education. However, students who don’t wish to study in secondary schools and want to work, have the opportunity to attend technical schools.

After the completion of schooling, students can pursue higher education and training at universities and colleges. 

Structure of Education System in Hungary

The structure of the education system of Hungary is as follows:

Primary Education

Pre-primary school: It is the school-based program, designed for children aged 3–7. It includes basic skills pre-reading, development, singing, drawing and school preparation.

Primary school
This phase has two parts, 1AG, which accommodates education from first grade to fourth grade and 2AG, which includes grade five to eight.

Vocational Education

Vocational/apprentice training:  It has different levels:

2BG- It is a remedial program for drop-outs and low achievers that provides a second chance for further education.

2CV- Vocational teaching school programs organizing requirements for deals recognized in the nationwide Register of occupational requirements that do not require the completion of 10 years of general education for entry.

3CG- It includes occupational teaching school, degrees 9-10. General subject courses with vocational guidance preparing scholars for going into in to programs that require 10 years of general education.

3CV- 3-year apprenticeship teaching programs according to the learning Act of 1985 beginning after grade 8 of the general school. 1997/98 was the last year of new enrollments, because the new law does not permit dual system occupational learning before age 16.

4CV- Post-secondary vocational programs where the entry requirement is the completion of secondary education.

Special Vocational training school:

2CP- Basic abilities and work market oriented development program for students with exceptional informative desires.

Higher Education:

General secondary school:

2AG- Degrees 5-8, and 7-8 of the eight-grade and six-grade general lesser school

3AG- General lesser education, degrees 9-12 preparing scholars for lesser school final written test

Vocational Secondary School:

3AP- Occupational lesser part-time programs, degrees 9–12 (13) organizing for lesser school last examination with pre-vocational events components

3BP- General lesser events organizing for lesser school last examination for occupational teaching school graduates (3CV)

4AG- Post-secondary occupational programs where the application obligation is a secondary school-leaving credentials

4CV- Non-university higher vocational teaching programs premier to non-graduate vocational requirements with credit techniques accepted in higher education

5B- Specialization programs, University graduate education, University supplementary (Master) program for school graduates, Supplementary educator teaching program for engineers graduated in college learning.

Graduate and Post Graduate Education

Graduate and post graduate education is provided by the education system for whoever seeks the education according to their performances in the previous academics.

College graduate education and post-graduate:
5A-University post-graduate specialization program for university graduates.

Doctoral Education

This is one of the top degrees awarded by the Hungarian academic system and it is done after completing any post-graduation and the person is allowed to select the subjects of his/her choice according to the availability of seats and priority.


6- PhD courses, research work and dissertation DLA, doctoral degree in liberal arts.

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