Accommodation for International Students in Hungary

Students planning to study in Hungary probably get confused when seeking out the best accommodation. They wish to stay in the vicinity of the chosen institution or close to the college or university in order to cut the daily travel expenses to reach there. Students looking for an apartment to rent must collect all the possible information and meeting the exact expectations in order to find the best option. Many Hungarian institutions offer dormitory services to students who arrive in the country and wish to live in a dormitory when attending a program in that institution.

There are numerous dormitories in Budapest as well as in Szeged and Debrecen etc. that has helped enhanced the quality of services provided to international students in numerous places. These dormitories have been renovated recently for the students arriving there.

Dormitory option for students enrolling in medical institutions

Typically, medical programs are most prominent programs among international students. Medical programs in foreign language are provided by universities in Budapest and three main cities in the countryside - Szeged, Pecs and Debrecen. Every institution makes best effort to provide students with wide-ranging services to find accommodation as soon as possible. Though dormitory places are not available by Szeged but the university has made special efforts to help foreign students find apartments.

The Foreign Students' Secretariat for foreign students created by university also collects data related to accommodation opportunities, costs, and apartments for rent. The monthly accommodation fees ranging from 370 to 750 Euros hold for students studying in Szeged. However, the monthly accommodation fees ranging from150-200 Euros hold for students studying in Debrecen and the monthly accommodation fees ranging from 100-150 Euros hold for students studying in Pecs.

Dormitories in Budapest

Numerous universities and colleges provide dormitory assistance to international students attending various institutions in Budapest. The majority of students don’t get to stay at dormitories so institutions in Budapest help them find a suitable apartment.

Renting Apartments in Budapest

Apart from staying in dormitories, students can also rent apartments in Budapest. The market of renting apartments is quite large in Budapest. You can easily find a place that suits your needs with some deep research on web.

Some quick tips for international students to search cheap accommodation in Hungary-
  • Look for dormitories first in the institution you are applying and hence to book as soon as possible, if available
  • Look for apartments near your university or college to avoid any travel expenses.
  • Reap benefits of services available at most of the Hungarian universities that helps students in finding suitable apartments or accommodation.
  • Talk to your seniors or locals in the university to get good assistance.
  • Research on internet and book your accommodation as soon as possible, if you find the most suitable one.
You can easily find accommodation in Hungary if you research well and know your requirements properly.
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