Student Visa and Documents for Hungarian Visa Application

International Students applying for an academic programme in any of the public or private university in Hungary have to apply for student visa to study in any of the universities of Hungary. Candidates falling in the category of non-EU or non-European Union/European Economic Area citizen are required to apply and obtain a residence visa in order to study in any college or university in Hungary. This doesn’t apply to the students with EU citizenship.

In case of an EU or European Union/European Economic Area citizen, you will be staying in Hungary for less than 3 months then you don’t need a student visa. Students can use their passport or national identity card to enter Hungary. Candidates just need to propose proof of the payment of the tuition fees and an official document of their admission in the Hungarian university or college to get entitled to student visa.

Here is a brief guide to the forms and documents required to apply for visa in Hungary.

Generally, there are numerous forms and documents required for admission in foreign universities. These documents have to accompany the application form of the specific university. In case, any document is not available, it can affect the admission of the student in the university leading to even rejection of application form. Here is a brief guide to the forms and documents required in Hungarian universities.

Application Form and required documents:

Application form of any university should be completely filled and submitted at the university office to avoid any rejection at last moment. The completed application form must accompany certified copies of high school or degree documents as per the requirement of the course you wish to apply. The certificates/documents must be certified at the Embassy or Consulate of the Hungarian Republic in the applicant’s country. Students also require TOEFL iBT or IELTS or certificate of language proficiency, certified copy of valid passport, and 4 passport-sized photographs.

Documents required when applying for Visa:

  • Valid passport and validity of the passport has to exceed that of the requested visa by  at least 3 months
  • Latest 2 passport size photos which are not older than 6 months
  • Visa application form filled in and duly signed by the applicant
  • Proof of having solid income to pay the course fee on time.
  • A letter of offer or an acceptance letter from the recognized university.
  • Copy of your passport.
  • Certificate of health insurance and physical check-up documents required.
  • Certificate of adequate funding to bear housing, food, medical expenses.
  • 3 stamped envelopes addressed to the applicant.
  • Certificate of Residence permit
  • Official transcripts with higher-education institutions that you have attended during graduation degree.
  • Updated curriculum vitae or Resume.
  • Applicants should have minimum of two letters of assessment for all.
  • Required Test Results and Documentation need to submit during the admission.
  • Original military status or a true copy (for male Hungarians only).
  • IELTS: International students must submit their valid TOEFL, IBT or IELTS test results to take admission in different Hungarian universities.
These are most important documents required at the time of applying for a study visa for any of the Hungarian universities.

Documents required by Hungarian universities for undergraduate, post-graduate, doctorate and post-doctorate courses:
  • VISA and certificate signed with government of the home country
  • Certification showing record of minimum 32 points in the IB Diploma which will also be considerable for admission to undergraduate degree programmes. As with A-levels, grades will vary from programme to programme.
  • Valid score report of GRE, GMAT, TOEFL/iBT or IELTS exam, where required.
  • Certificate/document of residence permit. This is required from both EU and non-EU citizens wanting to stay in Hungary for more than 3 months.
  • Official transcripts with higher-education institutions that you have attended during doctorate degree.
  • Updated and informational curriculum vitae.
  • Applicants should have minimum of two letters of evaluation for all.

Health Insurance of Student for Visa Application:

Students applying for study visa for Hungary needs to submit a certificate of health insurance along with other documents required to effectively get student visa. According to Hungarian Law, all students must have proper insurance for the time of their enrollment and staying in Hungary. If a student fails to meet this criteria, he may not get the visa or attract termination of enrollment.

All international students getting a full or partial fellowship at Hungarian universities and a full or partial tuition scholarship package will get the Health Insurance Plan of the particular university through Insurance Companies.

Student Interview for Visa

Once all the documents are ready and sent to embassy or consulate for Visa, students are called for a final interview. In the interview, students are validated and made a decision if he/she is competent to be given a study visa.

Some of the most common interview questions are:
  • Why are you planning to study in Hungary?
  • Why have you selected this specific University?
  • Why do you plan to study for the specific course that you have chosen?
  • Who will pay for your education and what is your financial source?
  • How can you assure me that you are not planning to stay abroad after your course?
With the Visa rules getting tougher, you should be well prepared for interview. However, there is no need to worry or panic. Be prepared and ace the interview.

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