TOEFL in Hungary

TOEFL is the Test Of English as a Foreign Language which is taken by people who do not have English as their native language. So in case you are the one who is planning to pursue your higher education in Hungary which offers varied and affordable options to students from across the globe, TOEFL is a must for you. The basic objective of administering this test is to assess the ability of student to speak and understand English as it is used in college and university atmosphere. It goes without being said that English happens to be the main medium of instruction in Hungary and it is needed for both education and work related purposes. Most universities in Hungary accept an overall score of 630 to give admission in various graduate and post graduate courses. 

With the help of online study material available and tips from the experienced candidates and trainers it has become very easy to prepare for TOEFL. Here are a few tips that would come in handy for you in case you are planning to appear for TOEFL Hungary exam:
  • One must ensure to make use of English as much as possible, in terms of using new words, writing them and understanding their meaning and how they can be effectively used in everyday expression. 
  • Listening of English songs, watching movies and shows in the language and even radio can help in getting a grasp of the perfect expression of the language and also understanding their vocabulary. 
  • Work at developing your pronunciation by practicing speaking loud and clear. Learn the correct usage of punctuation and how to match it right gestures and body language.
  • One good way can be to maintain a diary in English and jot down the events of the day in English. This helps in organising your thoughts better and make your more curious about knowing more words that will help you express yourself better. 
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