Academic Grading System in Hungary

In Hungary, a credit system based on the European Credit Transfer System is used to assess the performance of the students. One credit represents 30 hours of student workload. The method of evaluation for students is based on the written and oral examinations, assignments and course work etc. The evaluation of knowledge and performance is done on the basis of five-grade scale. Higher education institutions can also use other systems for evaluating if they are similar to those mentioned above.

Numerical Grading System used in Hungary

Suggested U.S. Equivalent
 5 jeles / kivalo excellent A
 4 jo good B
3kozepesaverage C
 1 elegtelen unsatisfactory (failing) F

Besides the numerical grading system used in Hungary, students studying in courses such as Bachelor and Masters complete their studies by clearing final examinations. These final exams consist of defense of the degree thesis, and extra written, oral or practical examinations.

Integrated One-tier Programs

One-tier programs resulting to completion of Master Degree or mesterfokozat is training with the duration of 10-12 semesters that requires the completion of 300-360 credits. Religious education, certain programs of arts, veterinary medicine, dentistry, architecture, law, pharmaceutics, and medicine are conducted within one-tier Master courses.

Two-tier Programs (First/Second Degree)

The first degree or Bachelor’s degree is the alapfokozat that comes with professional qualification. The time period of the program is 6-8 semesters and requires the completion of 180-240 credits. The second degree or Master’s degree is mesterfokozat that comes with professional qualification. . The time period of the program is 2-4 semesters and requires the completion of 60-120 credits.

Specialised Graduate Studies

Specialized graduate studies require the completion of 60-120 credits. The successful completion lets the students obtain specialized qualification. The length of the specialized graduate studies programs is 2-4 semesters.

Doctorate Courses

The doctorate courses are built on the lines of Master courses or Master degrees and require completion of 180 credits. After the completion, the candidates are awarded with "Doctor of Philosophy" or PhD and in art education "Doctor of Liberal Arts" or DLA. The length of the doctorate courses is 6 semesters.

Other commonly used grading systems are 3-point and ECTS given below-

3-Point Grading System:

 GradeGrade Description
 US Grade
 5 Kivaloan megfelelt (Excellent) A
 3 Megfelelt (Satisfactory) C
 1 Nem felelt meg (Fail) F

ECTS Grading System

 Grade Grade DescriptionUS Grade
 A Excellent A
BVery GoodB

The Grading system used to evaluate higher education in universities and colleges are either 5-Point grading system or ECTS Grading System or their equivalent. 

Hungarian Grade (Five-point scale)

Institutional Grading System and its adequacy to ECTS Grading System

 Grade Definition
 5 – jeles Excellent, Very good, Outstanding with minor errors
 4 – jo Good
Generally sound work with a number of notable errors
 3 – kozepes Satisfactory, Acceptable
Fair but with significant shortcomings
 2 – elegseges Pass
Performance meets the minimum criteria
 1 – elegtelen Fail
Further work is required

ECTS Grade system

 ECTS Grade% of successful students normally  achieving the gradeDefinition
 A 10 EXCELLENT - outstanding performance with only minor errors
 B 25 
VERY GOOD - above the average standard but with some errors
 C 30 GOOD - generally sound work with a number of notable errors
 D 25 SATISFACTORY - fair but with significant shortcomings
 E 10 SUFFICIENT - performance meets the minimum criteria
 FX  -- FAIL - some more work required before the credit can be awarded
 F  -- 
FAIL - considerable further work is required
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